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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

IUL – Italian University Line

iul, studentessa in un prato con libri

IUL – Italian University Line is a private e-learning university, founded in 2005. It is sponsored by the IUL Consortium, consisting of INDIRE and the University of Florence.

IUL is authorised to set up distance university courses: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, 1st and 2nd level postgraduate courses, specialisation courses, and refresher courses.

IUL’s mission is to provide continuous training for school staff, but, more in general, it is a reference point for lifelong learning. IUL can be intended as a “Lifelong Learning University” for anyone who wishes to acquire new knowledge in their field of work.

The IUL develops and offers high-level training for teachers in subject-specific didactic methods, the use of new technologies and communication strategies. INDIRE guarantees a strong link with the school world, both in terms of coordination with the innovation and training projects it carries out with school staff, and through the use of its own researchers in IUL projects and in the development of the educational model, which is the result of painstaking research and experimentation.

The University has a teaching body consisting of professors and researchers from the University of Florence and researchers from INDIRE, as well as experts in the various subjects.

The IUL platform is organised as an educational environment involving teachers, tutors and students in the process of generating knowledge. In this educational and communication environment, it is possible to make use of teaching material and lessons online, and communicate with IUL, at any time and from any terminal, also for dealing with administrative matters. IUL lecturers and tutors interact directly with students using the tools offered by the platform (chat lines, forums, web meetings, etc.).

The exams can be taken at numerous establishments throughout Italy. The entire educational process aims to reinforce the spirit of a scientific community based on collaboration, sharing, and individual and collective creativity.

Currently the IUL offers a Master’s Degree in “Educational Innovation and Lifelong Learning” (Class LM-57, Education Sciences of adult and continuing education), a  Bachelor’s Degree Course in “Methods and techniques of educational interactions” ( class L-19, Education Science and Training), a  1st level postgraduate course  in “Hospitality operators and intercultural mediators”, the 1st level postgraduate course in “Management – Economics, Leadership and Digital Skills”, organised in collaboration with the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore.

Currently, these postgraduate courses are about to be concluded, but a second edition has already been planned: “School Management: a Resource Between Quality and Innovation”  (level 2); “Profile and Functions of the Consultant in School Improvement”; “Education and Training: Pedagogy 2.0 ”(level 1).

In addition IUL also offers  refresher training courses, including the Professional Specialisation Course “Biblioprof and a specific Training Course in “Workers’ Representatives for Safety .

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Flaminio Galli
President of the Steering Committee acting as Rector: Prof. Alessandro Mariani
Director General: Dr. Massimiliano Bizzocchi

Academic and Administrative Secretariat:
Via M. Buonarroti, 10
50122 Florence
website: www.iuline.it
email: segreteria@iuline.it
tel: + 39 055 2380568
fax: + 39 055 2380395

Communication Officeufficiostampa@iuline.it