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Joint Programming Management (GPU) 2014-2020

Loghi PON 2014-2020 (fse-fesr) corto

GPU 2014-2020 is an online system to manage, monitor and document activities of the National Operational Programme – NOP. It is a complex system of of software architecture, functions and procedures which, using new technologies, help in setting up analysis, programming, implementation and control activities to improve the management of the NOP ”For Schools 2014-2020 – Skills and Learning Environments” at various levels.

Thanks to a pre-set formats, GPU 2014-2020 allows structured data collection. It guides those involved to complete the procedures requested by the Programme and ensures high levels of transparency, communication and sharing. It facilitates the interpretation and translation of data into information, useful to observe and understand phenomena. As a tool for sharing which makes it possible to work together with specific responsibilities, GPU 2014-2020 enhances the contribution that everyone involved in the Programme can make to the implementation of educational and infrastructural interventions, or to the governance of management and improvement processes.

GPU 2014-2020 has been designed to achieve various objectives:

  • providing a system that includes specific functions for the recording, conservation and verification of data;  governing the programme; monitoring the actions carried out; communicating the programme; bolstering control and management of the processes and, lastly, managing training;
  • developing progress monitoring reports;
  • organising ex post surveys;
  • providing assistance and technical consultancy for participation in the programme both online and on-site;
  • facilitating the communication of results and activities in progress, and supporting advertising and socialising initiatives organised by its users.