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Tell me about Erasmus! #ErasmusDays at fair Didacta

The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ aims for the Europe of...

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Erasmus “runs for life”: the photos of the 29 September event in Florence

The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ participated in the 2019 edition...

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European opportunities for adult education. The Erasmus+/ Epale and FierIDA Workshops

The Indire’s Erasmus+ agency and the Epale unit organise on...

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Erasmus+ at “Corri la vita” Enrolment is open!

Enrolment for “Corri la vita”, the large sport fundraising event...

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#Erasmusdays, more than 730 events already included in the European map. Take part!

On 10, 11, 12 October the #Erasmusdays are under the...

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Erasmus partecipates in “Corri la vita” 2019 in Florence

On 29 Septembre “Corri la vita” - the largest solidarity...

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Sicily, more training opportunities abroad for students and teachers

Last 6 June, the Indire’s Erasmus+ national agency signed an...

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The Erasmus programme at “Corri la Vita” 2019

[caption id="attachment_56399" align="alignright" width="350"]

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Erasmus+ mobility grants for teachers and adult education staff to increase in 2019

The assessment of Key Action 1 (KA1) of school education...

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Erasmus+ makes students more successful in their personal and professional lives

Erasmus+: a turning point in the lives of 5 million...

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The #ErasmusDays are coming back. Three-days to tell all the colours of Erasmus+

On 10,11, and 12 October the #Erasmusdays will be back....

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The numbers of Erasmus+ at the Festival of Europe

The just concluded Festival of Europe allowed to create many...

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Erasmus alumni: “Erasmus ambassadors for a day” in Florence from all over Europe

Once Erasmus… always Erasmus! Those who lived an Erasmus experience...

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European Language label

In the European Union there are 24 official languages and...

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The international Erasmus conference “United in diversity” on 9 May in Florence

In order to celebrate Europe day, on 9 May Florence...

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500 thousand Italian Erasmus students in three decades

The programme Erasmus + has hit a new record of...

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eTwinning and Erasmus+ await for you at “Sfide – The school for all” in Milan

The eTwinning Italian unit and the Indire’s national Agency Erasmus+...

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Erasmus+ 2018 marked a record year for school, university and adult education

The just concluded year recorded high participation in the programme...

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The 2019 Erasmus+ call for proposals is online

The EU Commission published its 2019 call...

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The Erasmus orchestra celebrates Europe at the Valley of Temples in Agrigento

«Today we celebrate with music the values promoted by the...

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Palermo hosts the international Erasmus+ conference on cultural heritage

Free and open entrance to one of the most important...

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Our offices will be closed from the 13th to the 17th of August

We inform the public that the Indire/Erasmus+ offices in Florence,...

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Erasmus students mobility: Italian participation on the increase

The three-day meeting of Indire’s Erasmus+ Agency and the universities...

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Erasmus+ teacher training mobility on the increase

Erasmus+ increases training mobility opportunities for teachers, school staff and...

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The European States General of the Erasmus generation concluded in Rome

Promoting more inclusive mobility within the Erasmus + project, enhancing...

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Erasmus Orchestra, the photos of the concert at the Brancaccio theatre in Rome

Great success for the Erasmus orchestra’s concert conducted by Maestro...

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The Erasmus orchestra in the words of its conductor: Maestro Elio Orciuolo

The Erasmus orchestra, the first music ensemble made up of...

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On 9 May The European States General of the Erasmus generation

Promoting more inclusive mobility within the Erasmus + project, enhancing...

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8 May 2018, Erasmus orchestra’s concert for Europe

The Erasmus orchestra debuts in Rome. The music ensemble is sponsored...

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Open call to become part of the Erasmus orchestra in 2018

Following the inauguration concert of the Erasmus orchestra at the...

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Erasmus+ goes virtual

Erasmus+, one of the EU's iconic and most successful programmes,...

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The new research on the impact of Erasmus+ on schools and Universities

Indire’s Erasmus+ agency released its research report on the impact of...

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The astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti at the European Summit on Education

"Education is a topic dear to my heart. It was...

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European year of cultural Heritage 2018: classroom resources

2018 is the European year of Cultural heritage which was...

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Miur, 50 million euro for Erasmus + international mobility

More funds for international mobility projects and specific resources to...

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Participate in the public consultation on the future of Erasmus+ after 2020!

On 10 January, the European commission launched a series of...

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#Erasmusx10: the online petition to increase the budget of the programme

L'Erasmus+ Coalition, the network made up of 40 European organisations,...

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KA1 Mobility projects, the webinar for school and adult sectors on 14/12/17

The webpages dedicated to KA1 School and KA1 Adult learning...

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Erasmus+ on the lookout for inspiring stories of social mobility through education

Creating a network of positive role models to inspire, with...

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Erasmus+ 30th anniversary closing event, live streaming from Brussels

The 30th anniversary celebration year of the most famous European...

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The 2018 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals

The European Commission today published its 2018 Call...

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Teacher academy is about to launch a new free online course on Erasmus+ funding opportunities for schools

Teachers academy, the European online learning platform for teachers, launches...

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Erasmus+, the seminar of the Universities of Southern Mediterranean countries

On 18 and 19 October, the European commission, in collaboration...

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The Erasmus orchestra enchanted Strasbourg

On 13 October, the Erasmus orchestra performed with great success...

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Erasmus+ at Fair Didacta, preview of new developments

Erasmus+, with its seminars and workshops, was one of the...

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The Erasmus days get underway in schools and universities

On 13 and 14 October the 30th anniversary of the...

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Have your say on Erasmus+: contribute to the Erasmus+ generation declaration

In 2017, Erasmus+, one of the most successful EU programmes,...

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The future of Erasmus + to be discussed in Florence

From 21 to 23 September, Florence will become the capital...

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Florence is all set for Didacta, the three-day international event on Education

The first Italian edition of Didacta international, the most important...

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The EU Commission asked for increased overall budget for Erasmus+ programme post 2020

Increasing the overall budget for Erasmus+ programme post 2020, channelling...

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The Erasmus orchestra inaugurates Fair Didacta Italy

The Erasmus orchestra, the first orchestra made up of Erasmus...

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Fair Didacta Italy, adult education is the protagonist with EPALE

EPALE, the l'Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe is...

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Erasmus placements, Italy at third place in Europe

The latest Erasmus + Indire Information data confirms the growth...

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Indire’s infographics on the Erasmus + mobility data

In 2017, The Indire’s National Agency Erasmus + has recorded an...

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28/9/17, eTwinning at Fair Didacta Italy

One of the 50 talks of Fair Didacta Italy (27-29...

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Fair Didacta Italy, an important conference on Erasmus+ on 29 September 2017

Erasmus plus and innovation” is the conference organised at Fair...

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A special Erasmus: the book “Qué fuerte” by Giorgio Graziotti presented in Viterbo

On 2 July, the book  “Qué fuerte!” written by the...

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More and more Italian university students join the Erasmus programme

The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ released the final data for...

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Plan your Erasmus day on 13-14 October 2017

After the celebration at the Festival of Europe, last May...

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Erasmus+ Teacher training mobility on the increase

Erasmus + offers teachers, school staff and adult education staff...

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The Erasmus generation Chart presented on 9 May in Florence

To start a dialogue between decision-makers, students and Erasmus programme...

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The Erasmus Orchestra to debut in Florence

The Erasmus orchestra debuted on Sunday 7 May in the...

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Erasmus Project to celebrate 30 years in Florence

The celebration for the 30 years of Erasmus will begin...

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Fair “Didacta” Italy, the most important international event on education, in Florence

The first Italian edition of Didacta international, the most important...

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