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The eTwinning multilateral seminar “STEM for democracy” in Athens From 3 to 5 October

e-Twining in-person training arrives in Greece. From 3 to 5...

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Volterra to host the first eTwinning summer school

From 13 to 16 July Volterra will host the first...

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The numbers of Erasmus+ at the Festival of Europe

The just concluded Festival of Europe allowed to create many...

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The bilateral Italian-German seminar for vocational upper secondary education

The eTwinning Italian national unit organises, in collaboration with their...

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Multilateral seminar eTwinning in Hammamet (Tunisia)

From 2 to 4 May, in Hammamet in Tunisia there...

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“eTwinning schools”, 130 Italian schools are among the most active in Europe

The Italian schools that received the “eTwinning label 2019” are...

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Four European awards for eTwinning projects go to Italy

The eTwinning 2019 European Prizes were announced, the highest recognition...

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The multilateral seminar on the creation of eTwinning projects in Bratislava

From the 4 to the 6 April in Bratislava, Slovakia...

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eTwinning and Erasmus+ await for you at “Sfide – The school for all” in Milan

The eTwinning Italian unit and the Indire’s national Agency Erasmus+...

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2019 is the year of democratic participation with eTwinning

2019 is the year of democratic participation at eTwinning. Thanks...

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National statistics on eTwinning: record number of projects activated in 2018

According to the latest data on eTwinning activities, Italy confirmed...

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Erasmus+ Infoday on adult education in Florence

The Indire’s Erasmus + national agency organises on Tuesday 27...

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eTwinning, the seminar of the Mediterranean area in November in Malaga

Also this year, the eTwinning national units of the Mediterranean...

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The eTwinning training seminars restart as schools reopen. The map of the appointments in all the regions

The eTwinning training seminars come back in all Italian schools,...

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Indire welcomes 14 new eTwinning ambassadors

The network of eTwinning national ambassadors is on the increase!...

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Italy is the second most active country in the European eTwinning community

Italy continues to score record numbers of teachers and schools...

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eTwinning annual conference in Warsaw

The eTwinning national unit offers to 4 headmasters the opportunity...

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French/Italian eTwinning bilateral seminar on cultural heritage

The eTwinning staff are working to prepare a bilateral seminar...

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Photos and videos from the eTwinning thematic focus in Rome

The thematic conference “Empowering eTwinning Schools: Leading, Learning, Sharing” took...

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The class awarded with the eTwining European prize in Biella

On  23 April, the awarding ceremony of the 2018 eTwining...

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The map of the 150 events of the eTwinning regional seminars

The eTwinning regional seminars for teachers are back. From April...

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Brussels, 224 Italian schools obtained the “eTwining school” European label

The schools which have been awarded the eTwining school label...

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The eTwining multilateral seminars in Oslo and Prague

Two new training courses for infant, primary and lower secondary...

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The eTwining thematic conference “Empowering eTwinning Schools: Leading, Learning, Sharing” in Rome

eTwinning Italian national unit, in collaboration with the European unit,...

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Italy is the second country in Europe for number of eTwinning teachers

There are more than 60 thousand Italian teachers registered in...

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Take part in the European year of cultural heritage with eTwinning

2018 is the European year of cultural heritage. Its aim...

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The eTwinning webinars are coming back! “LibreLogo” on 7 and 16 February

Two new webinars in English entitled "STEM-oriented coding in classroom...

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Are you an e-Twinner? Assess your skills with the project MeTP!

The project Monitoring eTwinning Practice (MeTP) was developed in the...

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The 2017 e-Twining projects awarded the national and European quality labels

The list of the Italian projects awarded the national and...

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The 2017 national e-Twinning conference

The 2017 National e-Twinning conference will be held from 16...

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The new publication on inclusion through electronic twinning projects between schools

The new publication "Building a culture of inclusion through eTwinning"...

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A brief overview of the eTwinning and inclusion European conference in Malta

«eTwinning has accomplished important results but there is still much...

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The European e-Twinning conference in Malta

From 26 to 28 October the European conference "eTwinning and...

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Florence is all set for Didacta, the three-day international event on Education

The first Italian edition of Didacta international, the most important...

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CLIL and language learning, the article of our researcher Letizia Ciganotto

An article on CLIL, written by our researcher, Letizia Ciganotto...

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eTwinning among schools, the map of the events in Italy

The regional training seminars on eTwinning are back in schools....

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28/9/17, eTwinning at Fair Didacta Italy

One of the 50 talks of Fair Didacta Italy (27-29...

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European eTwinning: projects increased by 45% and 5 thousand new teachers enrolled in the first semester of 2017

Record breaking figures on eTwinning projects involving Italian schools and...

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European twinning, the new eBook of the series “eTwinning and reality” is online

The new publication by the Italian teachers of the group...

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Didactics and inclusion, eTwinning praised by the European commission

On the 30 May 2017, the European commission released the...

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eTwinning training on the increase, 7 thousand teachers enrolled in 2016

eTwinning National Unit drew up a report on its onsite...

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Fair “Didacta” Italy, the most important international event on education, in Florence

The first Italian edition of Didacta international, the most important...

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