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15 maggio 2017

The conference on small schools in Favignana

On Saturday, 10 June, Indire organises on the island of Favignana, in the province of Trapani, the first meeting of the Small Schools Movement, open to all schools and networks of mountain and island schools, and to all those institutes which, both for their size and the characteristics of their territory, experience isolation problems. The purpose of the event is to promote and disseminate inclusive didactic practices and reflect together with the teachers and the local administrators on the opportunities offered by new technologies and by the instruments already in use in the National Small Schools Network.

The Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli; the President of Indire, Giovanni Biondi; and the Institute’s researchers, who have been following for many years the activities of geographically isolated schools are going to participate in Favignana’s event.

Over the years, the research carried out by Indire made it possible to offer teachers of the Small Schools Network some well-established models: a specific one on “shared didactics“, with the daily use of videoconferencing between two or more classes of different educational institutions; and one oriented to the “extended learning environment“, through which one or more classes work on a common disciplinary project, and organise periodic meetings between teachers, students and experts by making a reasoned and intelligent use of technology and distance teaching.

Schools are invited to attend the conference, join the Manifesto and take part in the activities that will be promoted and will spring out of this meeting.

Since it is a network that involves the whole school, participation in the event is not on an individual basis: teachers need to be authorised by their headmaster.

For more information: segreteria.eventi@indire.it.