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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


24 maggio 2017

Coding at school, Indire and Cremit launch an online survey for teachers

Coding activities have been recently integrated in the educational provision at all school levels. These experiences varied in their objectives, organisation and development guidelines, creating an uneven scenario. Moreover, there are increasing numbers of tools for coding activities, which differentiate even more the educational provision. Teachers, and especially those who carry out research, have invested on their competences and professional development to change teaching methods. The wealth of activities of the Italian school make it possible to imagine future development scenarios, and identify the models supporting some didactical choices and their different didactical purposes.

Did “Coding” redefine disciplinary curricula? Is there already an experimental digital curriculum? What are the theoretical bases of didactical experiences using coding? What physical spaces are needed? What types of laboratories? Is coding in Italy a creative activity used to enhance the think-make-improve process or is it even more, a way to develop critical thinking?

To answer these questions Indire and Cremit researchers set an online survey in which many teachers, carrying out didactical activities using coding, have already taken part. The anonymous questionnaire is composed of 34 questions and can be filled in, in about 20/30 minutes.

The survey, open until 30 June 2017, will make it possible to take a snapshot of the ways in which coding is currently used and its meaning within the Italian school.


Take part in the survey until 30/06/2017!