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29 maggio 2017

The book: “From the class to the learning environment” to be presented in Florence

On Wednesday 31 May at 11.30 in the architecture department of Florence University (Mattonaia street, 8) there will be the presentation of the book “From the classroom to the learning environment”.

The publication, edited by Indire’s President Giovanni Biondi; the Director of Indire’s Technological Area, Samuele Borri; and the Institute’s First Technologist, Leonardo Tosi, traces the research work carried out, for years, by Indire on the theme of reorganisation of educational spaces for the promotion of innovative teaching, focusing on participation, empowerment and well-being of pupils. The volume unfolds along an ideal line that has roots in the past and projects itself into the school of the future, where a multiplicity of diversified and synergic spaces contributes to forming a single integrated environment. The new school space can support active and modern didactics complacent with new standards for quality, liveability and comfort. The book is enriched with vintage images and photographs of contemporary environments, and documents best practices, in Italy and abroad. These are examples of school environments that have been able to meet the challenges of modernity and propose effective solutions to overcome today’s “classrooms and corridors” school structures, and to offer environments in line with a different way of planning didactics and school life.


Will participate to the event:

  • Saverio Mecca, Director of the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence
  • Fabio Capanni, Professor of Design at the University of Florence
  • Samuele Borri, Director of Indire’s Technology Area
  • Massimo Colombo, Michelucci Foundation
  • Laura Galimberti, Coordinator of the Mission structure of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for building interventions in Schools.


Poster of the meeting


“Dall’aula all’ambiente di apprendimento”
Edited by Giovanni Biondi, Samuele Borri, Leonardo Tosi
Published by “Altralinea” Editions
Preview of the volume (contents and authors)
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