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21 giugno 2017

Secondary school leaving examination, an Indire’s article is one of the prompts of the first exam

An article, published on this website on 6 April 2016, was chosen as one of the prompts of the first written exam of this year’s secondary school leaving examination. The article written by our collaborator Fabiana Bertazzi was the prompt for the short essay on science and technology, regarding the relationship concerning robotics, education and labour market. The article reported on the meeting on educational robotics, organised last year at Indire headquarters in Florence, and raised a topic which was considered an interesting input for the essay:

“The use of robotics for educational purposes is an increasingly growing trend also in our country, and is attracting more and more the attention of teachers and trainers. Through this method, students become the protagonists of learning and the creators of their own product, feeling at the same time more involved in the learning process. Robotics helps them to develop cognitive competences, typical of computational thinking, learn how to make projects and increase their problem-solving ability. Robotics does not only concern informatics and mathematics, it has demonstrated to be an interdisciplinary activity able to stimulate students to put into practice what they have learnt, strengthening in this way their logical and analytical skills, and their synthesis capacity”.


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