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30 giugno 2017

Migrants’ literacy: the Seminar on Adult Education in La Spezia

After almost 30 years since the creation of EPALE, the European electronic platform dedicated to adult education, The EPALE Italian unit deals once again with education and training of migrants and humanitarian protection seekers. The seminar “Inclusive training: sharing of practices and collaborative scenarios” is going to be held in La Spezia, from 14 to 16 September 2017. The aim of the event is to assess the current situation, analyse new educational challenges with experts and operators in the sector, and find effective and sharable solutions.

According to ISTAT data, 50%  of adult population don’t hold the basic level of competencies necessary to contribute to society. Those who arrive in our country as migrants or asylum seekers are in an even more difficult situation. However, emergency management has made some progresses in recent years: the provincial centres for adult education (CPIA) offer free Italian courses and there are also educational and training courses to help migrants to find their place in society.

The seminar in La Spezia will highlight the networking activity between the CPIAs, the first help centres and the non-profit organisations in order to manage first help and start integrated processes of literacy and education. A manifesto for “welcoming training” will be also drawn up by the participants: teachers of the CPIA, instructors and operators of the third sector and of the organisations dealing with migrants’ employment and social inclusion.

To participate it is necessary to subscribe to the EPALE platform and enrol to the event by 10, July 2017.


All information on the event is available on the platform.



The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the European digital platform dedicated to the professionals operating in the adult education sector. The platform is a European meeting point for the best practices and experiences and aims to open up the national debate at a European level on the various themes concerning adult education, also at informal levels. The online environment offers the chance to collaborate and meet to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions. Currently, it has 26 thousand subscribers in Europe and 3 thousand in Italy. Every month 120 experts in the sector subscribe to the web portal. Italy is the second country for number of subscribers, after Turkey (3200 subscribers). The EPALE National Unit is based at Indire.





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