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7 luglio 2017

Indire at the States General of the mountain communities

The State General of the mountain communities took place on Thursday, 6 July in the “Teatro della compagnia” in Florence. The event was conceived and organised by the Tuscany region in collaboration with ANCI Tuscany with the aim of grouping together experts, administrators and stakeholders in the mountain areas, and gather proposals for the next regional development plan.

The event, structured in four parallel sessions, focused on criticalities and potentials of mountain communities in four areas of interest: Socio-sanitary and educational services, mobility and infrastructures, work and tourism,  environment and agriculture.

After the plenary session, in which Sabrina Iommi, researcher  of IRPET  (Regional institute for economic planning of the Tuscany region) illustrated the results of the research on the mountain areas. The participants split in four groups for the discussion. Indire took part in the first session dedicated to the social and school sector, and presented the small schools network as a valid proposal to overcome isolation and maintain education centres for local communities. The movement was officially established last June and involves all the schools in geographically isolated territories such as mountain areas or islands. It promotes a didactic model which takes advantage of ICT in order to overcome isolation and make these schools part of the national education system. The core idea is to guarantee a high quality educational provision which meets these communities’ expectations in compliance with their rights. Mountain communities can and must enhance their cultural heritage linked to the specific characteristics of their territory.

Summary documents of the thematic sessions were presented in the final phase of the event in the presence of Marco Remaschi, Regional Councillor for the budget and relationships with local authorities, Vittorio Bugli, President of Anci Toscana, and Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato.