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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


26 luglio 2017

The European workshop on transforming school learning environments at Fair Didacta Italy

How can the learning environments of our schools be transformed in order to trigger off innovative didactics and support students’ learning autonomy? Is it possible to create personalised lessons instead of providing the same lesson to everyone? Which methods can be adopted to cater to everyone’s learning needs? The traditional old-fashioned school methods and learning environments are clearly unable to address the needs of modern didactics and students’ well-being at school.

The above-mentioned issues are going to be discussed in the workshop “How to transform learning environments for students’ autonomy and active didactic methods”, on 28 September, from 2 pm to 4pm, at Fair Didacta Italy (27-29 September 2017 in the Fortezza da Basso, Florence).

Two of the schools which have based their educational project on a new conception of the educational environment are: the teaching district “San Filippo” of Città di Castello (PG) and the Alemannenschule di Wutöschingen in Germany. They are going to participate in the debate, together with the Indire’s researchers involved in the project on new school architecture .

«In these two schools, students work hard and are motivated and keen on going to school. They study in small groups or in open spaces, with methods which are very different from the lecture-based model. We will discuss with the teachers of these schools how these methods could be implemented in the Italian state schools» Leonardo Tosi, Indire researcher explained.

Indire’s speakers will be: Stefania Chipa, Giusy Cannella, Giuseppe Moscato, and Leonardo Tosi.

The teaching district “San Filippo” will be represented by Massimo Belardinelli (headmaster), Daniela Mori (teacher), Chiara Castellari (teacher); while for the Alemannenschule there will be: Stefan Ruppaner (headmaster), Tanja Schöler (teacher), and Valentin Helling (teacher).


Fair Didacta Italy

Fiera Didacta Italy is the most important international event on school education, scheduled in Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 27 to 29 September. The event is sponsored by the Miur  and organised by Florence Fair together with the main institutions of the territory (Tuscany Region, Florence City Council, Florence Chamber of Commerce) and Didacta International, with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (Itkam) and Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Indire is the scientific partner of Fair Didacta Italy and the organiser of the events. Enrolment to the workshops, seminars and events has already opened.    

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