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2 agosto 2017

Epale’s August focus on workplace learning

Learning in the workplace is an important part of continuing learning and an excellent way to develop employees’ competencies, and competitiveness in the job market.

This type of learning can be formal, informal and non-formal. The study by C4LPT- Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies shows that, according to the employees, the best three ways to learn in the workplace are: sharing knowledge with the team, carry out research from the workstation, and join meetings and group conversations.

As it was for the previous thematic focuses, all EPALE members are invited to publish on the platform resources related to this theme, including the outcomes of their learning experiences and suggestions for future developments of the project.

In the dedicated section on the EPALE website, articles, resources and news on the theme have already been published by the national teams. A feature summarising the most significant entries will be published by the end of the month as was done for “Early school leaving” (July focus) and Education of adults with disabilities (June Focus).

–> go to the section dedicated to learning in the workplace  

The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the European digital platform dedicated to the professionals operating in the adult education sector. The online environment offers the possibility to collaborate, meet, exchange ideas, experiences and didactic methods. Currently, there are about 26 thousand EPALE members in Europe and 3 thousand in Italy. The National EPALE Unit is based at Indire.

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