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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


28 agosto 2017

The Indire’s research on Media education at the conference EMEMITALIA 2017

EMEMITALIA 2017, the annual conference on the changes brought in by new technologies on teaching and learning processes is about to kick start. The conference is scheduled in Bolzano from 30 August to 1 September, and has an extremely rich programme. Speakers of international relevance are going to take part in more than 100 scientific inputs, including plenary sessions, keynotes and round tables. During the three-day event, case studies, researches and relevant experiences will be presented, together with developments in technology and applications for open data, MOOCs, mobile learning, wellbeing at school and much more.

Indire will participate with its researchers:

Wednesday 30 August, Ilaria Bucciarelli will talk about “Making innovation visible – the development of a video-based online environment for the documentation of innovative didactic practices” (SES/A3, 30/08, 11.10-13.00, Room C4.01, Chairperson: Luciano Cecconi, Unimore).
On the same day, Chiara Giunti, Maria Chiara Pettenati and Elisabetta Mughini will talk about the application of Delphi-multicriteria at school by the headmasters. (SES/B3, 30/08, 16.10-18.00, Room C4.01, Chairperson: Giuliana Franceschinis, University of East Piedmont).

Thursday 31 will be dedicated to the theme of differentiated learning (one of the ideas of the Educational Avant-garde movement) with the participation of Michelle Pieri, Elisabetta Cigognini, Stefania Chipa, and Giuseppina Cannella (SES/C2, 31/08, 11,10-13:00, Room C2.06, Chairperson: Giorgio Poletti, University of Ferrara).

Friday 1 September, Chiara Laici and Michelle Pieri will talk about Flipped Classroom and Episodes of Situated Learning. The case study of the primary school “Carducci”, in Fucecchio in the province of Florence will be also presented (SES/E3, 01/09, 09,00-10,50, Room C4.01, Chairperson: Giuseppina Rita Mangione).
The theme of wellbeing at school and early school leaving is going to be dealt with through the research of some of the technical institutes of the Tuscany region and the researchers Chiara Laici and Silvia Panzavolta (SES/F3, 01/09, 11,10-13,00, Room C4.01, Chairperson: Patrizia Maria Margherita Ghislandi, University of Trento).

For further information and to enrol, go to  the official website of EMEMITALIA 2017