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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


5 ottobre 2017

Didacta, Biondi gives start to the federal association of networks and movements for innovation

On the occasion of the national convention of the innovation movements, at Fair Didacta on 28 September, Indire’s president, Giovanni Biondi, invited the representatives of the national school networks to create a federal association of networks and movements for innovation.

«Our proposal is to group together all the existing realities in one large federation to stimulate fruitful cooperation among networks, and promote the diffusion and systematisation of the innovation within the Italian school system. By bringing together in a federation all the actors involved, we will ensure collaboration at its best, while preserving the autonomy and identity of each network», Biondi declared.

Biondi’s call to collaboration was accepted with enthusiasm and triggered off a brainstorming on the key words on which to base the federation. Teachers and experts exchanged ideas on how to facilitate and govern innovation processes in the schools of our country.

«It is just in a network organisation, continuously renegotiating and experimenting, that innovation is accomplished and spread. In our opinion, the network model is the most adequate to the schools of the knowledge society, where there isn’t only one content hub». Elisabetta Mughini, research manager and responsible for the Indire’ s innovation area emphasised.

The Miur’s Head of Department, Carmela Palumbo, present at the meeting, supported the idea of a “federation for innovation”, reminding us of the Ministry and the teacher’s commitment for the creation of a school education able to form the citizens of tomorrow, and expressing the hope for more interdisciplinarity at school».

The networks present at the convention were: Book in progress, Senza Zaino, eTwinning, Rete delle Reti, Movimento Avanguardie Educative, Piccole Scuole, Insegnanti 2.0 / Docenti virtuali.

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Convegno nazionale dei movimenti di innovazione (Fiera Didacta Italia, 28/09/2017)