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5 ottobre 2017

Indire at the GNE LEEP MEETING, the international convention of the OECD Learning Environments Evaluation Programme

This year, the Norwegian Ministry of Education is going to host the GNE MEETING, the annual convention of the Group of National Experts on Effective Learning Environments, in Oslo on 9  and 10 October. The GNE group meets every year to take stock of the situation of the participating countries. Italy is going to take part in the convention together with Austria, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Luxemburg and Norway.

Indire has a research area dedicated to school architecture which deals with the relationship between time and space of learning and teaching, and for years, it has been part of the OECD Learning Environments Evaluation Programme.

The researcher Giuseppina Cannella will be present in the role of expert on didactic methods and learning environments in order to contribute to the finalisation of the international protocol for the evaluation of the impact of educational environments on learning processes.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been studying learning environments and proposing effectiveness criteria for construction and renovation of school buildings, for years.

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