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12 ottobre 2017

Erasmus+ at Fair Didacta, preview of new developments

Erasmus+, with its seminars and workshops, was one of the protagonists of Fair Didacta Italy.  On 29 September, the last day of the event, “Erasmus+ is innovation” presented the many opportunities offered to schools (see the photo gallery of the event).

Since 2014, the year of the launch of Erasmus+, the European commission and the national agencies have been carrying out a process of adaptation of the programme in order to make it more accessible for schools.

On the occasion of the “Erasmus+ is innovation” event at Fair Didacta, two main new developments of the programme were presented: increased budget for schools and partnerships between schools for students and staff mobility.

Increased budget for schools, that is more chances to have a project financed:

+ 30% for KA1 actions of mobility for teachers and staff; + 40% for KA2  strategic partnerships for schools.


School-to-school partnerships reformulation

Starting from the new call, the two existing partnerships – partnership for innovation and partnership for the exchange of good practices – will be added a new one: schools will have the possibility to apply for school-to-school partnerships for students and staff mobility. The partnership will include a minimum of 2 schools and a maximum of 6. The main focus will be on mobility, application and management procedures will be simplified by a tailor-made agreement and every school will manage its own budget.

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