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20 ottobre 2017

Innovative school construction at the “PAD – Pedagogy, Architecture and Design” convention

Some INDIRE researchers are going to participate in the “PAD – Pedagogy, Architecture and Design” convention on school construction, organised by the “Libera Università of Bolzano” from 27 to 28 October in Bressanone at the faculty of Science of Education in Viale Ratisbona 16.

The convention which is also a laboratory-exhibition, (find the programme here) is a valuable opportunity to reflect on the advantages and the risks of school architectural design, taking into account pedagogical, architectural and design aspects, supported by practical examples. Designing schools doesn’t only mean designing a building but also shaping the future the community, and creating a point of reference and cultural exchange for different generations. This means adopting a political, social, economic and cultural perspective in the pedagogical-didactic reflection. The aim of the convention is to take stock of the current situation and put forward proposals for the entire school community. The events are organised by the faculty of Science of Education in collaboration with the inter-institutional network of the Alto Adige region Spazio & Apprendimento.

Indire has been dealing with the theme of school architecture for many years, analysing the relationship between time and spaced of learning and teaching in the current ever-changing society. The researchers Giuseppina Cannella, Leonardo Tosi and Giuseppe Moscato will fuel the discussion with a workshop entitled “Indire: projects and frameworks to network and innovate schools”. The research lines of innovative school construction and the experiences of the schools operating in this sector will be also presented. (27/10/17 at 2pm in Room 2.04).

The convention website: https://pad.events.unibz.it/it/home-it

To enrol follow this link

Info: b.weyland@unibz.it e Ulrike.StadlerAltmann@unibz.it

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