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30 ottobre 2017

A European opportunity for newly-appointed teachers and mentors

The European project INDUCAS, coordinated by European Schoolnet is already under way but newly-appointed teachers and mentors can still take part in the project until 30 November by joining one of the two online communities dedicated to them.

INDUCAS is a pilot project, launched in May 2017 and funded by the European Union. The main issues that the project is addressing are:

  • How can beginning teachers be better supported through a targeted network that facilitates a dialogue amongst them?
  • How could a similar network of mentors help them develop their practice within their own community and for the benefit of beginning teachers whom they are bound to support?

During the pilot phase of INDUCAS (2017-2018), newly-appointed teachers and mentors from Italy, France, Sweden and Romania are invited to join the platform and participate in 4 communities for newly-appointed teachers (one community for each country, in its national language, from May to November 2017); and 4 comunities for mentors (one for each country in its national language). They will be able to interact with other peers, share ideas, address challenges and learn in their own language.

The INDUCAS Italian community has been active since September and has received great participation. In order to become part of the community, it is necessary to view the materials and the video resources of the “Mentoring in School course” by EUN Academy and pass the Self-Paced Test at the end of the 4th  module.

The course has already finished but resources and video materials on mentoring, including dialogue strategies, tools for observation and reflection and some practical examples of effective approaches to mentorship, for newly-appointed teachers, remain always available online. Furthermore, the course is no longer moderated and therefore it is not necessary to complete the Learning Activities in order to obtain the certificate of participation.

All the activities of the mentors’ community will continue until April 2018.

If you are interested in joining one of the communities, you can fill in this form. Enrolment is open until 30 November 2017.