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13 novembre 2017

The Educational Avant-Garde’s gallery of ideas enriched

The gallery of ideas is the concrete representation of the Educational Avant-Garde movement’s principles, as it includes actual innovation experiences experimented in the schools and verified in the field. Three new ideas have been added to the 12 ideas of the gallery, in accordance with the objectives of law 107 and the national plan for digital education.

  • «Differentiated learning» this idea, suggested by the “Giovanni Martini” school in Fauglia, in the province of Pisa, was born out of the “School without rucksacks” experience with the aim of providing students with a personalised and motivational educational path. Time and space of learning and teaching are completely changed to allow moments of self-reflection, discussion and sharing of ideas, for teachers and students. Students are asked to actively participate in the planning of daily activities and in school activities in general. Class activities are structured in work groups performing tasks in rotation.
  • «Self-learning and tutoring» is the idea presented by the school “Scuola-Città Pestalozzi” in Florence following a previous project on emotional education. School time provides for self-studying time with the support of a tutor who can be a teacher or another student.
  • «Beyond school subjects» is the idea promoted by the school “Giovanni Falcone” in Copertino, in the Lecce province. This proposal aims at overcoming fragmentation in the teaching-learning process by enhancing competency-based teaching. Teaching activities are divided into “technical lessons” and lessons dedicated to transversal skills.

These new ideas are not to be considered separately but as part of a total project, as Elena Mosa, Indire’s researcher explained.

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