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14 novembre 2017

EMINENT 2017: Learning Space, Time and Eco-Systems

EMINENT (Expert Meeting in Education Networking) the annual conference organised by European Schoolnet, the European network made up of 31 ministries of Education, is goin to take palce in Brussels from 15 to 17 November.

The delegations of representatives from the ministries of education of more than 30 countries, teachers and researchers from all over Europe are going to confront and discuss the next challenges and solutions for innovative education. This year the European experts will be involved in an important discussion on the relationship between space and technology for active learning and school calendar planning.

Indire is going to take part in the debates carried out by  the renowned Rosan Bosch studio. The researcher Leonardo Tosi will participate in the round table “ The many ways to design spaces for active learning” (Session 5, on 16 November from 9 am to 11 am) where he is going to present the manifesto of the “1+4 learning spaces” and the case study of the school “Circolo Didattico San Filippo” of Città di Castello. The research group on school architecture utilises the manifesto for workshops, conventions and training events in order to promote a new conception of learning environments.  Indire aims at promoting its new conception of educational environments through the dialogue with headmasters, teachers, architects and local authorities in order to overcome traditional school architecture.

Elisabetta Mughini is going to participate in the round table “Networking for joining forces” (Session 9 on 17 November from 9am to 10.30 am) with a talk on the Educational Avant-garde movement, created in November 2014 on the joint initiative of Indire and a group of 22 founding schools which experimented one or more innovative initiatives, that is the movement’s ideas. Educational Avant-guard aims to steer systemic improvements to benefit student learning.

During the conference European Schoolnet (EUN)is also going to celebrate its 20th anniversary. European Schoolnet is a European network of schools born in 1997 with the initial participation of 18 Ministries with the common aim of innovating Education in Europe. EUN selects the best practices of innovation for education, verify their impact in order to share the best ones allowing the best use of methodological and didactical innovation for education.

Access to the event is only by invitation but it can be followed on live streaming by registering at http://bit.do/stream-lifesizecloud-eminent2017

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