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28 novembre 2017

Erasmus+ on the lookout for inspiring stories of social mobility through education

Creating a network of positive role models to inspire, with their stories, young people living in difficult social environments, and to help them make the most of negative situations.

This is the initiative of the European commission participated in by the National Agency Erasmus+ and the Epale Italian Unit – Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, as part of the support measures for member states to combat radicalisation and social discrimination.

In order to face up to this challenge and enhance the role of intercultural dialogue in education and learning environments, in the information note of  14 June 2016, which followed the Paris declaration of 17 march 2015, the European Union pointed out seven specific areas, including the promotion of inclusive education and the enhancement of European mobility and transnational cooperation, funded by the Erasmus+ project. The idea of developing a network of role models sprang out of this framework. The role models are positive points of reference giving testimony of how, also thanks to the programme Erasmus+ and the European policies for inclusion and contrast to radicalisation, it became possible to turn difficulties into possibilities and kick start a process of personal growth and success.

How to participate

Participation is open to all those willing to contribute to the fight against social exclusion through the narration of a personal experience in which education and training played a crucial role. Teachers, headmasters, who committed to combating early school leaving, people involved in prison education programs, underprivileged young people who are not in education, employment or training (the so-called NEET population), and also migrants and refugees are invited to contribute. In order to participate, it is necessary to fill out this online form by 30, December 2017 and share a text and/or a video (materials produced for other calls can be also used, provided they are relevant to the theme of social mobility through education and training. Ideal applicants must be resident in Italy, have strong communication skills and be available to attend meetings and conferences to tell their own story, from the “role model” point of view.

The authors of the best stories will receive a token for cultural purchases.

Fill out the form and share your story (deadline: 30/12/2017)

Info: erasmusplus@indire.it