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30 novembre 2017

Are you an e-Twinner? Assess your skills with the project MeTP!

The project Monitoring eTwinning Practice (MeTP) was developed in the framework of the  e-Twining’s monitoring project dedicated to pedagogical skills. MeTP is a system for self-evaluation and assessment, helping teachers improve their skills, while keeping track of the progress of their digital skills and pedagogical competencies developed in electronic twinning activities among schools.

On a dedicated platform which can be accessed using the same eTwinning credentials, MeTP assesses, through a questionnaire, teachers’ pedagogical, digital and collaborative skills. Once the questionnaire has been filled out completely, the system provides a personalised feedback to the teachers and suggests resources and training activities to further enhance their competencies. Users have 8 months to participate to the activities offered by MeTP. At completion of these activities teachers will be invited to fill out the questionnaire again and compare their initial an final results.

MeTP was tested in 2015 as an experimental system for self-evaluation and assessment procedures. It proved to be an effective tool to keep track of the progress and development of teachers’ skills. (find the report here). After the results of the first phase, which involved 35 teachers from 19 countries, the project reached the next step and is now proposed for large-scale use, giving to all e-Twinners the chance to take part in it.

Do you want to participate? Access MeTP with your e-Twining credentials!