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15 gennaio 2018

The eTwinning webinars are coming back! “LibreLogo” on 7 and 16 February

Two new webinars in English entitled “STEM-oriented coding in classroom with LibreLogo” for eTwinning primary and secondary school teachers are on the way.

The two online meetings are scheduled on 7 and 16 February at 5pm and will be moderated by Andreas Robert Formiconi, Professor at the Department of Statistics and Information technology at Florence University and responsible for the project TTI eTwinning.

The seminars are aimed at introducing, to the teachers, the software LibreLogo, an actual laboratory for collaboration and sharing, and its possible usage in educational contexts. The advantages and disadvantages of coding systems based on text and blocks and the issue of the use of programming languages for teaching geometry, mathematics and science will be discussed. A new instrument for artistic creation will be also illustrated.

The two webinars are closely connected, therefore it is advisable to follow both of them. Primary and lower secondary school teachers can choose to follow only the first one even though the second could be also useful to them.  Secondary school teachers are advised to start from the first one.

In order to participate, it is necessary to enrol to eTwinning and access eTwining Live. The link to enrol into the webinar will be activated half an hour before the beginning of the session in the event tab in the session “professional development”. There are 200 places available. At completion of each webinar a certificate of participation will be issued.


7 February, from 5pm to 7 pm, PART 1

Free softwere LibreOffice, LibreLogo

Seymour Papert’s Turtle geometry

Body-syntonic learning

Basic constructs of coding

16 February, from 5 pm to 7pm, PART 2

Mathematics and beauty

Infinity and infinitesimal

Fractal equations

Experiments on the logo of physics

Spatial experiments: the turtle plays Halley

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