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17 gennaio 2018

Participate in the public consultation on the future of Erasmus+ after 2020!

On 10 January, the European commission launched a series of public consultations on the priorities to be included in the Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU after 2020. Among these consultations there is the Public consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility which concerns directly the Erasmus+ programme and its future after 2020.

Background information

The multiannual financial framework (EU’s long-term budget) expires at the end of 2020. In 2018 the Commission is going to submit global proposals for the multiannual financial framework after 2020 and for the next generation of programmes to be financed. These programmes/funds finance hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries such as regions, cities, NGOs, enterprises, farmers, students, scientists and many others.

The commission’s proposals will be conceived in order to enable the EU to address the most important issues in the sectors where its intervention can be more effective compared to single member state’s actions. To this end, a careful analysis of the most successful practices and of what could be improved in the future will be necessary. Which should be the proprieties of the new policies, programmes/funds?

Within this process, the EU commission – starting with the Reflection paper on the future of EU finances – began a series of public consultations on the main expenditure sectors and started to collect opinions, from all parties involved, on how to make the most of the EU budget.

The Public consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility

The consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility concerns the programme Erasmus+ and all the programmes supporting mobility, education and training, cultural diversity, fundamental rights, the European judicial area, digital competencies, creativity and European historical memory.

The public consultation aims to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the programmes and existing actions, and to identify possible solutions. The online multiple choice questionnaire allows comments and reflections on the actual performances and future challenges of Erasmus+ and other programmes.

The feedbacks from citizens, organisations, institutions and stakeholders will be utilised by the EU Commission for the proposals for the programme after Erasmus+.

The Indire’s Erasmus+ national agency, acknowledging the importance of the opinions of the  programme beneficiaries, invites everyone to fill out the online questionnaire and contribute, individually or as part of an association, a school, or a university.

Target group

All citizens and organisations are welcomed to participate. In particular, citizens, organisations, institutions and stakeholders interested or directly involved in mobility actions for education, training, volunteering, humanitarian aid, solidarity, youth employment, culture, mass media and arts, citizenship, values, justice, rights and consumers protection are welcome to respond to this consultation.

How to participate

The questionnaire is available in 23 languages. Filling out the form takes approximately 30 minutes. The consultation is open until 8 March 2018.

Access the online consultation

Further information

The website of the EU consultations

Erasmus+ website