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22 gennaio 2018

The festival of digital education in Lucca from 21 to 24 February

Once again this year, Indire is the scientific partner of the Festival of Digital Education. The event has reached the fourth edition and takes place in Lucca from 21 to 24 February. It is organises by UiBI, the foundation created in 2016 with the aim of innovating school education and training.

The four days of presentations, interviews, lessons and laboratories with speakers and guest stars of national and international relevance, are aimed at identifying new pathways for Lifelong learning based on competencies, knowledge and creativity. Participatory culture is the main theme presented from four different perspectives: creative, playful, immersive and ethical.

In parallel to the programme, there will be also special events such as the national convention “From the classroom to the learning environment: innovative school furniture” by Indire and UiBi (on 23 February at 3pm and on 24  February at 9.30 in San Micheletto – conference room) and “Think make know”, the closing event with international guests (on 23 February 9am, San Micheletto – Sala dell’affresco).

The official website of the festival