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6 febbraio 2018

The summary of the study on citizenship education

Citizenship education is getting ground especially in defence of European fundamental values, for this reason, many European countries are implementing changes to European policies.

The summary “Eurydice Brief Citizenship Education at School in Europe 2017” presents the main results of the study Citizenship Education at School in Europe, published in November 2017. The document shows the main differences in national regulations and recommendations regarding citizenship education and themes concerning schools and students, from curricula organisation, citizenship education evaluation, to teachers and headmasters’ training on this subject.

Eurydice is the European network which collects, updates, analyses and disseminates information on policies, structure and organisation of the European educational systems. Created in 1980 on the initiative of the European Commission, the network consists of a European Unit based in Brussels and some National Units. Since 1985, the Italian National Unit has been based at Indire.


>>Eurydice Brief Citizenship Education at School in Europe 2017


To delve into this theme, read the report Citizenship Education at School in Europe – 2017 and the annexed national information Citizenship Eurydice Report at School in Europe Education 2017 – Annexes: National Information and Websites.

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