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7 marzo 2018

The convention “building bridges. The school opens to the world” in Florence

Florence hosts the fourth edition of the convention “Building bridges” which this year is devoted to the theme “The school opens to the world”. The event, taking place on 5 and 6 April, is organised by the institute Alcide Cervi, the centre la Pira of Florence and the Miur – USR Toscana, under the auspices of Florence municipality and Indire. The conference will present reports, initiatives and round tables to tackle the issue of interculturality at school as the starting point for innovation.

The school opens to the world” is something already existing because classes are made up of students with different origins, languages, religions. For this reason the convention accepts and relaunches the challenge of interculturality and dialogue in Education, interpreting it as an opportunity for change.

In the two-day programme there are plenary sessions and a concluding round table in the Salone dei cinquecento in palazzo Vecchio, Florence. In parallel, in various schools of the city, there will be other sessions on plurilingualism, education to citizenship in class, interreligious dialogue and, as a homage to Florence, two thematic sessions dedicated to Don Milani and Giorgio La Pira.

In order to participate, send your enrolment sheet by the 24 March at 12 pm.

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