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19 marzo 2018

STEM Discovery week, the week of scientific culture from 23 to 29 April

STEM Discovery Week 2018, the week of scientific culture is an international initiative – which has reached its third year – inviting organisations and schools all over Europe and all over the world to promote studies and careers in STEM subject, acronym of “Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths”.

The STEM Discovery Week 2018 originated as an initiative of Scientix – of which Indire is National Contact Point  the project promoting and supporting collaboration at European level among teachers of the STEM subjects, researchers in the pedagogical sector, decision makers and professionals of education. The initiative is managed by the network of European ministries of education European Schoolnet (EUN), on behalf of the European commission.

This year’s event aims to promote more than 5000 STEM activities and reach 10,000 schools in 30 countries. Schools, institutions and public and private organisations are invited to participate sharing their didactic activities relating to scientific subjects. The shared projects will be visible on a map and will be entitled to participate in dedicated contests.

All information can be found at the following link http://www.indire.it/progetto/scientix/stem-discovery-week