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30 marzo 2018

The eTwining thematic conference “Empowering eTwinning Schools: Leading, Learning, Sharing” in Rome

eTwinning Italian national unit, in collaboration with the European unit,  organises the thematic conference “Empowering eTwinning Schools: Leading, Learning, Sharing” in Rome at the Trevi fountain conference centre from 14 to 16 May. This event and the European conference are some of the most important annual events of eTwining projects for schools.

The key theme of the conference is the eTwinning school recognition, introduced for the first time during the school year 2017/18 which is awarded to schools  implementing competencies-based curricula and project-based teaching, strongly characterised by the use of the internet and digital technologies with a special focus on safety and eSafety.

The event addresses these issues through experts’ talks and training activities included in the workshops.

More than 250 delegates, coming from all over the world, including representatives of the European commission, the executive agency and delegates from the countries adhering to the eTwining and eTwining Plus actions, are going to participate.

The conference is addressed to headmasters and key figures of the school ( headmaster’s support staff, etc.) which applied for the eTwining school recognition, even if they didn’t obtain the title.

How to apply

Given that it is an international conference, places reserved for each delegation are limited

  • The application is reserved for the schools which have applied for the eTwining school 2018 title (with either positive or negative outcome) until 19 March 2017. Out of the total of the schools selected, 70% must hold the title of “eTwining school”, while 30% will be chosen among the schools which didn’t obtain the tittle even if they had applied.
  • Each selected school can take part in the event with 2 participants (headmaster + vicar collaborator; or headmaster+ another teacher, or vicar collaborator and teacher. The teacher chosen by the headmaster must be someone registered in eTwining playing a key role in the school such as headmaster’s collaborator or special projects teachers ) or with 1 participant (headmaster or vicar collaborator).
  • Under no circumstances the participation of only a teacher who is not the headmaster or the vicar collaborator is admitted
  • In case of absence after application, the headmaster will be replaced by the vicar collaborator if indicated at the time of application.
  • All participants are required to possess good knowledge of the English language (working language of the conference).

Priority will be given to the schools with a large number of teachers registered in the platform and projects, involved in networks of schools and having significant experiences to share during the workshops with a brief presentation in English.

The eTwining national unit will select the schools among the applications received on the basis of the information given in the application form. Only the selected schools will be contacted but replacement might occur in the subsequent weeks.

The participation costs of the conference ( travel food and lodging, not included in the event programme) must be anticipated by the participants but will be reimbursed by the eTwining national unit after the event, upon presentation of the original documentation  and according to the reimbursement rules that will be communicated to the selected participants.

For further information: etwinning@indire.it

Send your application until 9 April h11 am