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6 aprile 2018

The exhibition on children’s literature author, Emma Perodi, from 14 April in Florence

On 14 April, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary from the death of Emma Perodi the exhibition “The fantastic world of Emma Perodi. Devils, fairies, nights and other stories” will open, in the Oblate’s library, in Florence (via dell’Oriuolo, 24).

The exhibition is part of a broader project set up by the Bibliografia&Informazione Association for the 100th anniversary from the death of the writer, journalist and children’s literature author Emma Perodi, born in Tuscany in 1850. All through 2018, the exhibition will move to various locations in Tuscany and Italy, with its 24 illustration panels, showing images, literary and historical contents, and offering also laboratories, theatre shows, stage readings and study meetings. Wide attention will be dedicated to the “Grandma’s stories” (1893),  Perodi’s masterpiece, made up of a collection of fantasy stories set in the Casentino area.

The exhibition itinerary aims at offering tools and inputs to teachers, librarians, and parents, in order to bring the new generation closer to the magic of reading out literature, to know, through oral transmission  stories and legends of our folklore. For this reason, during the exposition there will be also children’s shows.

Various personalities of the world of illustration, university and history of literature have been involved (see the programme here).

The catalogue, including also the contribution of the pedagogist, Franco Cambi, previously tenured teacher at the University of Florence and now professor at IUL university will be distributed free-of-charge on the occasion of the various activities on schedule. The “Grandma’s stories”, especially reprinted by Fruska Editions, will be sold at a special price to celebrate the 100th anniversary, and spread a classic book of our literature.

For further information: info@bibliografiaeinformazione.it (tel. 347 6014287).

Indire’s antique fund of children’s literature

The Indire’s antique fund of children’s literature Includes also some of Perodi’s works. The catalogue of the fund, which will be soon available online and searchable through this website, will describe in detail the fund created by the National Museum of School (1850-1940), focusing on its value from a literary point of view, and also as a collection of publications which made the history of Italian illustration. The work, edited by Marta Zangheri (Biblioteca Marucelliana di Firenze) Pamela Giorgi and Irene Zoppi is part of a wider project of digitalisation of the entire indire’s heritage of books and documents.

To now more abbot the Indire’s historical archive: