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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


11 aprile 2018

School improvement, the new book compiled by Massimo Fagioli and Indire’s researchers has been published

Much has been written and said about school improvement, but what do schools do? Which strategies are implemented? How are they organised? How can we support them from the outside?

The newly released book “Building up improvement. Research paths for school improvement” (publisher: Rubbettino) compiled by Massimo Fagioli, expert in schools’ assessment and self-assessment,  who has been for a long time indire’s research director on these themes.

The research is the product of the collaboration between Indire and the university of Bologna, Genova and Milan’s Bicocca and looks into the design and implementation phases of  the plans for improvement in 300 schools involved in the project VALes, testing ground of the National Evaluation System.

Trying their hands at the their plan for improvement, the schools proved themselves with the concrete difficulties they found along the way. The research showed also innovative practices, original organisational solutions, dynamic methods for sharing experiences and enhance the growth of the school community, which testify to the vitality and the tension towards improvement that animates our schools and our teachers.

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