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12 aprile 2018

Children’s Florence, from 4 to 6 May hundreds of events for the under 12

Everything is set for the new edition of “Children’s Florence”, the vast annual festival dedicated to the little ones, promoted by Florence city council and organised by MUS.E.

Indire is the scientific partner also for the 2018 edition, which is taking place from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 May.

The main theme in all the events will be intelligence, encouraging everyone to sharpen their wits and be open to curiosity, reasoning and discovery. This year’s programme will be focused on multiple intelligences, that is the different talents each person has, and will take place in 8 main locations with thousands of free-of-charge events for the under 12.

During the weekend the events will take place in Plazzo Vecchio ( location of the intelligence of us, with events and initiatives on the relationship between individuals, cooperation, the innermost meaning of being part of society and of a community); the Oblate library (location of the intelligence of language, with activities and performances on the potentials of linguistic communication, from comics to poetry, from gesture to theatre); and the  ex-prison of Murate, today lively cultural centre, will be the location of the intelligence of arts, with laboratories focused on the intelligence of creation, in different artistic languages, from paining to photography, from design to fashion; the Innocent Institute will be the location of the intelligence of the self, with a series of activates aimed at exploring the shadows of our individual identity and reflecting on our wellbeing. The Botanical garden will be the location of the intelligence of nature, with paths and activities for the discovery of the natural world in its vegetal, animal an mineral aspects and the intelligence of plants; The Museo Novecento will be the location of the intelligence of logics, with workshops on the frontiers of new technologies, of media educations, of robotics and artificial intelligence; the Teatro del Maggio, the centre of Florence’s music life, will be the location of musical intelligence, with laboratories and performances on different intelligences and the different capacities of music, from classic to jazz. To conclude, the green lung of the Parco delle Cascine will be the location of the intelligence of the body with initiatives dedicated to movement, from athletics to dance.

Among the main not to be missed events, the opening of the event on Friday 4 at 6 pm at Palazzo Vecchio; the night show in Palazzo Vecchio on Saturday 5, followed by the suggestive night at the museum, and the closing event on Sunday 6 at 5 pm in the Salone dei Cinquecento with the largest choir in the world.

The programme of the event will be presented during the press conference at Palazzo Vecchio on 19 April at 1 pm and will be available on the event website www.firenzebambini.it