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19 aprile 2018

Thursday 19 April presentation of Erasmus+, eTwining and Epale to the delegation of the Ministry of social affairs of Lebanon

Until 20 April, a delegation of the of the Ministry of social affairs of Lebanon, on the occasion of a series of study visits to some Italian institutions, will get an insight of some best practices developed in the last years. Special attention will be given to social policies at national level for the under 18.

On 19 April at 3 pm the Lebanon delegation will be in Florence and after visiting the headquarters of the Toscana region, it will be at the department of Sciences of Education and Psychology of the University of Florence, to take part in the seminar “Experiences of intervention-research for the innovation and integration of services in support of children and youth”. Lorenza Venturi head of the Epale unit of the indire’s national agency Erasmus+ will take part in the meeting with teachers and researchers.

On this occasion, the pilot initiative Erasmus+Virtual Exchange will be presented. The initiative is addressed to youth between 18 and 30 years of age, residing in the EU and in the southern regions of the Mediterranean and aims at expanding the opportunities offered to European youth and to those living in south Mediterranean regions, according to the European neighbourhood policies, to promote intercultural dialogue, sense of citizenship and employment opportunities. Ultimately, Epale, the online Multilanguage European platform for adult education; and eTwininig, the largest European community of teachers engaged in electronic twining projects among schools will be presented. This project promotes innovation, the use of technologies in teaching, and the shared creation of multicultural didactical projects among schools of different countries, sustaining distance collaboration among teachers and the direct involvement of students.

The visit, organised by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, will see the participation of important representatives of Lebanese institutions, including Abdallah Ahamad, General Director of the Minister of Social Affairs of Lebanon; Adnan Nasreddine, head of the Social Development Centres and Samal Chreim, head of the unit for infant protection, both from the minister of social affairs of Lebanon.