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23 aprile 2018

8 May 2018, Erasmus orchestra’s concert for Europe


The Erasmus orchestra debuts in Rome. The music ensemble is sponsored by the Indire’s Erasmus+ agency and made up of students from Italian conservatories and music institutes.

The concert for Europe is scheduled for Tuesday 8 May at 7 pm at the Brancaccio Theatre in via Merulana no. 244 in Rome. The orchestra will perform with 50 musicians coming from 15 conservatories and is conducted by Maestro Elio Orciuolo.





«The Erasmus orchestra is the first music ensemble entirely made up of Erasmus students of the conservatories and State-recognised music institutes in Italy. With this artistic project we want to valorise young talents in our country and in all Europe. At the same time, using the international language of music we wish to spread a strong message of brotherhood among European people. This an initiative of strategic value for the Erasmus programme and for this reason I would like to extend my warm thanks to the conservatories and the Italian music institutes for their crucial participation and collaboration» – Flaminio Galli, Director of the Indire’s national agency Erasmus+  declared.

Admission is free. Participation is subject to registration at this page or can be done by sending an email to orchestraerasmus@indire.it

What the Erasmus orchestra is

The Erasmus orchestra was created in March 2017, on the initiative of the Indire’s Erasmus agency on the occasion of the celebrations for the 30 years of the European mobility programme. The aim is to experiment an artistic project which thanks to the universal language of music would represent in the world the value of a Europe “united in its differences”. Last year the orchestra performed in Florence at the opening ceremony of Fair Didacta Italy and at Strasbourg University for the Erasmus days.

The Erasmus orchestra in concert in Strasburg (October 2017)


Official hashtag: #orchestraerasmus

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