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26 aprile 2018

The book “Don’t curse the time. The last teaching of Don Lorenzo Milani” to be presented in Florence

On 3 May (h 9:30 am -12 pm), the school “Compagni Carducci” in Florence is going to host the presentation of the book “Don’t curse the time. The last teaching of don Lorenzo Milani” by Fabio Fabbiani, edited by Sandra Passerotti and with contributions by Francesco Gesualdi e Andrea Bigalli.

 The book is the precious testimony of Fabio Fabbiani who attended Don Lorenzo Milani’s school in Barbiana. A life changing experience where the Prior played a central role. The author has kept his precious memories for himself and only in the last months of his life he decided to share this beautiful experience narrating the daily life in Barbiana and Don Milani’s teaching. The result is an original testimony, useful to  understand the didactic methods in Barbiana school and allowing the reader to become part of that experience.

Speakers: Lucia Bacci, headmaster of the school Compagni Carducci; Cristina Giachi, Florence’s Deputy Mayor; Flaminio Galli, Indire’s Director; Santra Passerotti, editor of the book, Nevio Santini and Fiorella Tagliaferri, Don Milani’s students.

The presentation will be followed by the reading and discussion of parts of the book by students of the elementary and lower secondary school Compagni Carducci in Florence, of the science high school Castelnuovo (Florence); IIS Cellini (Florence) and the high school Giovanni da San Giovanni (San Giovanni Valdarno, Arezzo).


 “If the 11th commandment had been up to Don Milani, I’m sure it would have been: Don’t curse the time. Since I entered Barbiana school I’ve always respected that commandment. No cursing time means not wasting a precious asset which doesn’t come back…”Fabio Fabbiani

Fabbio Fabbiani was born in Viccio in 1949 and was a student of Don Lorenzo Milani. After graduation, he worked as a factory worker in the engineering industry and after being made redundant, since 1994 he was hired as a nurse in the national health system.

Sandra Passerotti, born in 1951, is Fabio’s wife since 1973. She collected her husband’s memories writing down Fabio’s story in Barbiana school with Don Lorenzo Milani.