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11 maggio 2018

Experts discuss in Ferrara the care for living environments and individuals’ wellbeing

I’ll take care of you. Care for living environments and  individuals’ wellbeing” is the title of the convention on schedule next Thursday 17 May from 9 am to 6 pm at the Apollo cinema in Ferrara (piazza Carbone 35, Room no. 1), the event is organised by the Architects Association and by the PPC Foundation in Ferrara and by the University of Ferrara.

The convention is addressed to architects, technicians, public administrators, volunteers in the third sector, socio-sanitary operators, teachers, students and everyone wishing to sustain and delve into the need for a closer relationship between the quality of living spaces and individuals’ wellbeing.

Indire is going to contribute with the speech of the researcher  Raffaella Carro entitled “Reinventing learning spaces: the relationship between architecture and pedagogy” (3:30 pm). For years, Indire has been dealing with the analysis of educational, psycho-pedagogical and technical aspects of the planning of learning environments. The research institute documents experiences of excellence in Italy and abroad and valorises best practices in environments which have been planned to provide effective solutions to the challenges posed by modernity.

Participation is free but registration is required

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