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15 maggio 2018

Indire’s research at the Forum on educational poverty in Rome

On 16 May in Rome there will be the Forum “Let’s Brighten the Future: the role of the educational community in combatting educational poverty”, organised by Save the Children, the international nongovernmental organisation protecting children’s rights. The event aims to be an occasion for Experts’ confrontation and deepening of the theme of educational poverty in Italy and is included among the activities organised for the mobilisation week in support of the campaign “Let’s Brighten the Future”.

The programme envisages a plenary session with the speeches of various personalities coming from the world of education, communication, enterprise, followed by five simultaneous workshops on different themes such as sport, resilience, culture, education and urban space.

The representatives of the research on the Small Schools are also going to participate. They will present the national movement founded last June and now including more than 90 institutes.

Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Indire’s researcher and referent for the National Operational Programme (PON) – “Small schools” and Giovanni di Fede, member of Indire’s Board of Directors are going to take part in the workshop “The role of school as part of the Educational community”. The role of school in fighting educational poverty is crucial both in scholastic and extra scholastic activities and in establishing a link with the territory, the families, the associations and other institutions. The presentation focuses on the concept of inequality which is often associated with small schools, the value of the network of schools and the actions for educational change, for the improvement of training and learning processes in isolated territories and areas with pluri-classes.

By referring also to the most recent Miur’s reports on combatting educational failure and educational poverty, the actions for the valorisation of the teacher profession supported by the PON Small Schools as a component of Educational wealth will be promoted. Indire’s presence in this highly participated forum is a great opportunity to kick-start a dialogue process resulting in synergic actions connecting the pathway indire proposes for the small schools and the one Save the Children is putting in place for combating early school leaving, social fragility and educational poverty.

˃˃ The programme of the forum

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