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15 maggio 2018

Transforming learning spaces in schools: from vision to impact

On 16 May 2018, Indire is going to participate in the workshop organised by Future Classroom Lab entitled “Transforming learning spaces in schools: From vision to impact”, in Rue de Trèves 61, Brussels (9:15am – 3:30pm). The event is dedicated to the transformation of learning environments. The event will be participated in by representatives of Ministries of Education and national/regional authorities responsible for education policy.

Future Classroom Lab is a European project started by European Schoolnet in Brussels. It involves some 30 institutional and commercial partners for the redefinition of school spaces from spatial, conceptual and operational perspectives, on the basis of the opportunities offered by the new technologies for information and communication.

In some countries, such as Italy and Portugal, policymakers are convinced of the importance of developing more flexible learning spaces and this issue is already a part of the national strategy for ICT and innovation in schools. In other countries, the need for more flexible learning spaces in schools is still not a policy priority or a specific part of the national digital strategy. However, some school leaders and teachers have started to recognise that innovative use of ICT and flexible learning spaces go hand in hand. Given that learning spaces have been identified as a developing trend in education, it is likely that the situation will continue to evolve rapidly and that adapting learning spaces will become an increasingly important issue for policymakers and school leaders in more countries.

In 2017, Indire contributed to the publication of the Guidelines on Exploring and Adapting Learning Spaces in Schools under the initiative of European Schoolnet’s Interactive Classroom Working Group. The document provides practical advice and support to schools that are starting to explore how to develop and adapt learning spaces in order to enable the introduction of innovative pedagogies using technology.

The Indire researcher, Leonardo Tosi – member of the research group on educational spaces and editor of the book “From the classroom to learning environments”- is going to take part in the conference.

In particular, the workshop, will look beyond the practice and will take stock of the impact of learning environments on students’ lives.

Transforming learning spaces in schools: From vision to impact

16 May 2018,
9:15am – 3:30pm,
Future Classroom Lab, Rue de Trèves 61, Brussels

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