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22 maggio 2018

Miur Radio Network, the school web radio, gets underway

Translation by Giulia Lombardo


Miur Radio Network – the voice of school is born! The project was created by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and developed in collaboration with Indire, in order to report news stories, events and curiosities on and from the school world.

Il team di MIUR Radio NetworkMiur Radio Network can be listened to at www.miurradionetwork.it and is an innovative didactical project born out of the National Plan for Digital School in order to give way to talented youth already making radio in their schools, and tell with them what’s going on in the world of education and beyond. The web radio is on-air from today. It will be enlivened by the students with in-depth analysis, interviews and interactions to understand better and know more about how the school world is changing, identify best practices, events and opportunities to seize. Despite the institutional framework, the radio will provide an unprecedented bottom-up view thanks to schools’ collaboration. Among the aims of the project there are: to curtail the distance between those experiencing school and the institutions; and to tell, step by step, what is in the air at school with a simple and direct language, in order to promote positive values such as respect, contrast to inequalities and sustainable development.

In the first phase two hours of programmes are foreseen, from 2.30 pm to 4:30 pm, preceded and followed by music. The radio aims at becoming a network and in the next months new collaborations will be established, in order to increase radio programming.


[Source:  Miur 21/05/2018]