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29 maggio 2018

The Indire research “A journey in adult education” has been published

A reflexion on the methods and more effective approaches for adults engaged in educational activates, analysed from and historical and organisational perspective. These were some of themes dealt with in the publication “A journey in adult education” born out of the research coordinated by Indire’s researcher Fausto Benedetti.

 The study was presented on 25 May in Turin by the reserchers Matteo Borri and Annamaria Cacchione during FierIDA, the event organised by the Adult education Italian network (RIDAP).

During the event, the data referring to the qualitative and quantitative monitoring, carried out by Indire on 26 provincial Centres for Adult Education (CPIA), the centres created in 2015 after the law reforming the territorial permanent centres, were released.

In particular, in 2016/2017 there were 108.539 people enrolled in the various training paths (+18,4% over 2015/2016). The number of foreigners enrolled in 1st level paths (compulsory education) went from 12.542 to 14.312 (+14,1%) and those enrolled in 2nd level paths (+16,9%), aimed to the achievement of secondary school diplomas in technical/vocational and practical arts education.

In 2016/2017, in Italy, the 1st level paths carried out by the centres for adult education increased by 7% (1.057), compared to the previous year. The 2nd level paths increased by 40% (1.336) and L2 Italian literacy by 17% (3.764). Also prison education increased by 9% for the 1st level and 4% for the 2nd level and enrolment in Literacy Programs for Prisoners increased by 20%. In 2016/2017 people taking part in 1st level courses went from 2.995 to 3.645 (+21,7%); also enrolment in 2nd level courses increased from 2.613 to 2.875 (+10,1%), and in literacy paths (+8%).

Overall, in the two-year period 2015-2017, the number of people who obtained the certification at completion of the 1st level increased. This increase concerned also those who obtained A2 certificates in Italian language L2 courses. The percentage of enrollees who obtained graduation certificate was on average 50% more. This percentage reached 83% in the case of secondary school diplomas. The percentage of those who succeeded in obtaining the certificate was even more among foreigners who were 85,3% of those who obtained the certificate for completion of the second part of the 1st level.

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