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31 maggio 2018

Erasmus 2021-2027: the European Commission is proposing to double funding for Erasmus to €30 billion

On 30 May, the European Commission proposed to double funding for Erasmus to €30 billion for the 2021-2027 period.

Given the success of Erasmus+, the next programme will support mobility and learning opportunities for 12 million people, that is, three times as many as the 4 million people participating in the current programme. The focus will be on “evolution not revolution”, meaning that the programme will continue to be addressed to schools, vocational education and training, tertiary education, adult education, youth and sport, but in a streamlined way. The next programme will be substantially, strengthened, extended and more inclusive.

The new programme is also going to promote activities to promote knowledge and awareness of the EU and opportunities in new sectors such as climate change and robotics. Moreover, the programme will propose more awareness and inclusion of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The international dimension of the programme will be also extended. Investing in people, their competences and their knowledge is going to help to address global challenges, maintain social equality and drive European competitiveness.

Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said: “I am very proud that this Commission has proposed to double the budget for Erasmus – this is by far the biggest increase for any programme in the EU budget we have tabled. We need to be bold. This programme will support the big ambitions we have for empowering young people, building a European Education Area and strengthening our European identity. I call on Member States and the European Parliament to support us and make sure we can build the best future for our citizens.”

The Commission is proposing to increase the Erasmus budget to €30 billion from 2021-2027 with €25,9
billion for education and training, €3,1 billion for youth and €550 million for sport.




The aim of the Commission’s proposal is to:

  • Increase the number of beneficiaries: Doubling the programme’s budget will make it possible
  • Support up to 12 million people between 2021-2027 – three times as many as in the current financing period. Beneficiaries include school pupils, higher education students, trainees, teachers, trainers, youth workers, sports coaches, and also learners in vocational education and training and adult learning staff, including those participating in ErasmusPro.
  • Reach out to people from all social backgrounds: Through new formats and easier access for smaller and grassroots organisations, the new programme will make it easier for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate.
  • Build stronger relations with the rest of the world: Mobility and cooperation with third countries will also be boosted, through a combination of physical and virtual mobility
  • Focus on promoting forward-looking study fields: The strengthened programme will give more attention to study fields such as renewable energy, climate change, environmental engineering, artificial intelligence or design.
  • Promote a European identity with a travel experience: The new DiscoverEU initiative will give young people opportunities to discover Europe’s cultural heritage and diversity.




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