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1 giugno 2018

EPALE’s thematic focus for June is on assessing adults’ skills

Adults who get back into learning or training often possess a stock of skills they have acquired over time in different ways. Assessing these kills is essential in order to join alternative educational paths or continue in education and training. Assessment is also useful for orientation for further improvements and continuing education. Many adult learning providers are looking for ways to assess students and to teach them how to enhance their own learning. Whether they need to assess adults’ literacy and numeracy, soft and career skills, or their students belong to vulnerable groups, practitioners need valid, reliable and manageable instruments for assessment.

That is why Epale dedicated the month of June to collecting assessment approaches from across Europe, as well as revealing some of the challenges of assessing adults’ skills. EPALE invites you to visit its thematic page “Teaching methods”, where the community and the national teams have gathered interesting articles, useful resources and case studies on the topic (content varies based on your language preference).

A significant example is represented by the project EVA (a European Entrepreneurship VET Model and Assessment Framework for Ethnic Minorities), realised through an Erasmus partnership which having reached the conclusive phase, has recently presented its platform for Entrepreneurial competencies assessment based on the digital badge system.

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