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6 giugno 2018

The AperiEpale on non-formal adult education and entrepreneurial success stories in Foligno. Enrolment is open!

The new appointment with Epale’s training events is in Foligno. On Saturdeay 7 July at 6pm, in this city in the Umbria region, the new AperiEpale will take place. The networking aperitif on adult education, which has now become a classic, this time is organised as part of the Social Hackathon Umbria 2018 (via Oberdan 123).

This is going to be an experimental project dealing with adult competences in line with the policy chosen by Centro Studi Città di Foligno, which is at the forefront of networks of institutions and organisations responsible for this edition of the Social Hackethon. This year’s focus of hackathon is  entrepreneurial competencies acquired in non-formal and vocational education. This is an evergreen theme in the national and European landscape, considering that digital competencies and spirit of initiative represent some of the key skills required by the job market, and their acquisition is strongly promoted by the EU for citizens of different ages and provinces.

AperiEpale, is a free-of-charge event and will provide participants with the opportunity to know the European platform dedicated to adult education and European policy framework supporting it. In particular, the theme of non-formal education as a Vocational Pathway and Ersmus + programme’s thematic priorities concerning vocational education and training will be addressed.


Participation is free and places are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

Register here to participate

(Saturday 7 July, Foligno, via Oberdan 123, h 6pm – 8pm)




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