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15 giugno 2018

Indire is becoming more stable and stronger

Indire’s Board of Directors has decided to undertake the stabilisation of its long-standing temporary workers by the end of 2018.

The provision relates to the workers who possess the requirements  foreseen by paragraph 1 and 2 of article 20 (Overcoming precarious employment in public administrations) of Legislative Decree 75/2017 and at Indire includes 102 fixed term contracts and 20 contracts of freelance work for a fixed period.

«Achieving this goal – the Director General of Indire, Flaminio Galli, declared – is part of a strengthening and redeployment general strategy within the research and school system sectors. Over the last years, the institute has obtained numerous and important EU-funded projects setting the financial, economic and management bases to enlarge its permanent staff. Not only this result satisfies the expectations of Indire’s long-standing temporary workers but it will also enable system actions to enhance the Italian school system».