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3 luglio 2018

Epale’s July focus is on prison adult education

According to the SPACE 2017 report on prison population by the Council of Europe, in Europe there are on average 115,7 prisoners every 100 thousand inhabitants. Out of this number, only a small percentage possess higher education diplomas and in many countries  early school leaving rate among prisoners is very high. Research shows that low level qualifications have a negative effect on prisoners’ employability after they are released from prison and cause significant recidivism. Vocational education and training in prison play a crucial role in social reintegration after having served a sentence and in dissuading crime.

For this reason, and to cast light on this theme, EPALE dedicates its July thematic focus to prison education. Like every month, the focus is also an occasion to discover one of the permanent thematic focuses of the EPALE platform, where the Adult learning community and the national teams collect articles, resources and case studies on the subject.

Italy has paid a great deal of attention to the theme, in particular in view of the national seminar on prison adult education which recently took place in Bari (find here the seminar report). In view of the seminar, many experiences of Erasmus projects were collected and documented, from Erasmus projects to activities carried out in centres for adult education with prison sections created under the protocol between the MIUR and the Ministry of justice.

The focus will be enriched with contents during the entire month of July. Subscribe to EPALE and contribute to this theme.


What EPALE is
The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the European digital platform dedicated to the professionals operating in the adult education sector. The online environment offers the chance to collaborate and meet to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions. Currently, it has 37,000 subscribers in Europe and more than 4,000 in Italy. The EPALE National Unit is based at Indire.


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