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2 agosto 2018

Sports in adult learning is Epale’s August focus

Sports are not only useful for helping to keep fit but also for learning. Memory, concentration, attention, improve thanks to constant physical exercise, which can also alleviate depression and anxiety disorders. Sports play a specific role also in adult education, to the point that some new teaching methods for adults with specific learning needs are often associated with psychomotor coordination.

All this is dealt with in Epale’s August thematic focus by showcasing projects and good practices from various European countries on the online European platform. Case studies, articles and resources on sports education will be available on the launch page of Epale’s sports focus.


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What EPALE is
The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the European digital platform dedicated to the professionals operating in the adult education sector. The online environment offers the chance to collaborate and meet to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions. Currently, it has 45,000 subscribers in Europe and more than 5,000 in Italy. The EPALE National Unit is based at Indire.


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