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3 settembre 2018

The eTwinning training seminars restart as schools reopen. The map of the appointments in all the regions

The eTwinning training seminars come back in all Italian schools, as school year begins. From September to November there will be more than 100 appointments organised in all the Italian regions to promote the creation of electronic twining projects and cooperation projects between schools. Thanks to this initiative, starting from the first semester, there will be more than 7,000 teachers who are going to receive practical training on eTwinning and will be given the chance to move the first steps on the European platform thanks to tips and practical examples.

Find the map with the training events below: the in person seminars are marked in blue while the online webinars are in yellow (to see the details of each appointment just click on the icons):





To participate:

The seminars are addressed to school leaders, teachers and school personnel of all types and levels and are all free-of-charge. The list is constantly updated, therefore dates and locations might change or information might be incomplete. We suggest contacting the eTwining regional contact person to confirm the events and receive further information on participation.


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