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11 settembre 2018

Management, finance and Business Strategy: the professional master courses organised by IUL and 24 Business School restart

In the AY 2018/19 the professional master courses organised in partnership between IUL university and 24 ORE Business School restart. The professional master courses are available online on IUL’s platform and have a duration of 1,500 hours granting 60 ECTS credits.

The master course in Management – Economics, Leadership and Digital Skill is conceived to form professional figures able to perform roles of responsibility and endowed with the leadership skills and the knowledge of business administration required in order to be a manager in the digital transformation era.

The master course in Administration, finance and control is aimed at forming professionals able to manage the main tools for accountability, finance and business management.

The master course in Management and Business Strategy (III edition) is a course in General Management aimed at providing an integrated vision of the processes and managerial levers for business development and innovation.


What is IUL?

IUL  is a private e-learning university, founded in 2005. The university is sponsored by the IUL Consortium, consisting of the National Institute for Documentation, innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE) and The University of Florence. IUL is a milestone in lifelong learning for everyone wanting to get back to education and for those willing to acquire useful skills for the job market. The University’s teaching staff includes professors and researchers of the University of Florence, Indire’s researchers and experts in various fields.


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