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10 gennaio 2019

22-23 February: ADI international seminar in Bologna

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

From 22 to 23 February Bologna is hosting once again the international seminar organised by the association of Italian teachers and headmasters (ADI). The annual appointment gathers together teachers, head teachers, researchers and experts of the school world to discuss current and future perspectives of teaching.

The thematic focus of the 2019 edition is “The great uncertainty” a reflection on the role of school in postmodern times when each type of knowledge is questioned, fuelling a sense of precariousness and uncertainty regarding the future. What values can drive teachers in this phase of difficult interaction between national identities and global competences?


The seminar includes three sections:

1st session: the challenges posed by curricula in the times of uncertainty
The issue will be dealt with by great personalities , from the sociologist Alessandro Cavalli, to Jeffrey Holte of the Liger Leadership academy who is going to present his experience in the schools in Cambodia, the rector of the university of Udine, Alberto DE Toni, Marius Feldeholf, technologist of the university of Birmingham and Raini Sipilä, teachers of one of the best schools in Finland.

2nd session: an education promoting human values
The programme foresees the intervention, among others, of Indire’s researchers Silvia Panzavolta and Maria Guida who are going to present MLTV (Making Learning and Thinking Visible), the research project realised in collaboration with Harvard university. The other speakers will be: Mario Piacentini, OECD analyst; the head teacher of one of the best and most innovative schools in Spain, Núria Miró; Donato Speroni responsible for ASviS and Mark Moorhouse, head teacher of the Matthew Moss High School in Manchester.

3rd session: a positive gaze towards the future
The third and last session will be characterised by a strong positive impetus in order to group together what emerged during the two day event. Works will be opened by Andreas Schleicher,  the Director for Education and Skills at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); followed by the French sociologist François Dubet e Dario Ianes , co-fouinder of Erickson study centre. To conclude,  Magnus Blixt, Rector at Glömstaskolan university in Stockholm is going to debate on how conjugating freedom and responsibility at school.


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