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6 febbraio 2019

Bioeconomy in schools with EUN Academy’s free course

Enrolment has opened for “Boosting Bioeconomy Knowledge in Schools” the online free course offered by European School Academy starting on Monday 4 March.

The aim of the course is to promote in the schools the foundations of Bio economy, that is a particular type of economy based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources not only in traditional sectors such as agriculture, fishing, agorofood industry but also in latest sectors such as biotechnologies and Bioenergies.

During the course that is open to everyone but is mainly addressed to teachers of scientific subjects in primary and secondary schools, participants will have the chance to come into contact with tools and resources conceived to integrate bioeconomy into teaching activities already from the first years of school.

The course is in English and has a duration of 5 and a half weeks. The weekly workload is estimated 2/3 hours per week for a total of about 17 hours. Participants will receive a digital badge for each module completed and a certificate of course completion.

The hashtag to be used on social media is #BLOOMMOOC, the Facebook group can be found at this link.


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